For the last four months we have been living in Riverside California and loving it! Our apartment is shown here on the third floor, and although we are happy to be home we miss quite a bit about sunny Cali! We definitely miss our little apartment. Not just because it was air conditioned but because it also had a garbage disposal and a dishwasher. All modern conveniences we don’t enjoy here in Logan. Archaic, I know!

The three bodies of water we are definitely missing now that we’re back in Utah, the ocean – obviously – our pool and the hot tub!

Ryan misses the freeways. No, really, he does. He loves to drive on those curvy freeways at top speed – next best thing to amusement park rides! Tummy Tickles baby!

I also miss palm trees, we never really got used to seeing those everywhere, and lizards, and our beautiful and spacious bathtub we savored for that deliciously short period of time!

Things we don’t miss? Rats, traffic, and car alarms. Logan seems pretty quiet in contrast – it’s so funny to hear crickets at night again.

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  1. Hey Leah, Gale gave me your blog address!!! I hope you don't mind if a peek in every now and then! Your blog is so cute! Makes me miss you! I can understand and relate to all of your reasons for missing cali!!(and not missing cali - Rats!) I hope your school year goes great!! Love you!


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