it's when I see leafless trees that I realize;

the grandeur of autumn was just the manifestation of dying things.

till snow adorns them,

they are just bleak reminders of a beautiful loss.


last night i challenged ryan to a push-up-off.

my left arm lost it for us at a measly 25.

and it’s paying the price for it today. i’m sore.


for quite some time i have been in need & in want

of a salad dressing container.

last night i dreamt i had one. euphoria.


there is a migratory movement currently manifest

by the sheer number of insects i keep finding in our living room.


as excited as i am about christmas,

i have yet to take down our halloween decorations.

perhaps i'm hoping our black birds will scare away afore mentioned insects.


ryan woke me up with a kiss

and whispered in my ear, “this is the best part of every day.”

and that was the best part of mine.


  1. Love your posts! You're so great at posting special moments, and things to remember. I need to be better at that!


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