'twas ms. scarlet, in the dining room, with the candlestick.

there was a time when a certain someone and myself would spend hours in my basement curled up in a makeshift fort playing clue. it was one of my all-time favorite christmas gifts and kept me happily occupied for hours, nay, days at a time. needless to say i kinda' have a thing for clue. i more than wholeheartedly feel that it is a game worth centering an entire holiday around. and so we did. {halloween of course.} and i think we shall make this an annual thing. clue deserves a day of its' own. October 31 seems like just that kind of day.

the men. in character of course.

we served cocktails in mismatched crystal goblets,
and everyone brought their favorite hors d'oeuvres.
everything was so deliciously delectable.
not our typical halloween fare, but also a tradition worth keeping.
or so i think.

the ladies. also in character.

our lovely guests and ourselves.
two colonels mustard & one butler. {who buttled just excellently i must say.}
two ms. peacocks & one ms. scarlet.

we had every intention of carving this pumpkin. we bought it specifically for that purpose. a couple weeks early in fact. but we never did get around to it. and i have to say, i did not miss it! not even a little bit.
{is that scroogy? will i have to pretend to like messy projects when i have kids?}

mid-clue game. and wouldn't you know it, 'twas ms. scarlet! she's devious.

we unintentional captured some rather spooky light in our entry before heading up to bed.
perfectly ghoulish, no?

a happy halloween to all, and to all a good night.
{i'm really excited for christmas. can you tell?}


  1. too cute! looks like fun! miss you all

  2. we miss you too! what did you guys do this halloween?

  3. such a fun time leah!!! thanks again.
    {and im totally stealing the pics if you dont mind} you guys are the best.

  4. Love Love Love Clue! You all looked great!

  5. oh my goodness that looks like fun! you look amazing. i love the pumpkin! thats awesome. everything you do is awesome.

  6. yes, paige for sure steal pics. i emailed you some as well. it was so fun having you guys!

    ali, i know, it's kind of an addiction for me. we'll have to have you guys over for a game one of these days.

    britt, it was fun. wished you guys lived closer. thanks, the pumpkin was literally 5 minutes before everyone walked in the door, that's how we do things around here. :) and i think you're amazing too. what did you guys do for halloween?

  7. love your decorations! thanks for sharing!

  8. oh why thank you, and you're welcome!


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