just jump already!

standing on the cusp of big change is like standing on a high ledge.
poised to jump, but not quite ready.
wanting to leap, but also petrified of the murky black water below.
because although it could be cool, refreshing, and even exhilarating,
it also holds the possibility of disappointment, catastrophe, and irreparable damage.
and to be honest, cliff jumping has never been my thing.
usually i brave at least the consideration of a jump.
and i almost always shuffle to the ledge and view what great heights look like.
i imagine how it feels to risk it all and take the leap,
but usually turn around and walk cautiously down to lower, and safer, ground.
(and even now i say usually, instead of always.
cause it makes it sound like i am sometimes courageous.
the truth is i never jump. and i always walk to more comfortable places.)
i'm not really a thrill seeker by nature. not physically.
but i should be emotionally. creatively. spiritually. intellectually.
so with my new resolve firmly in hand, i am taking the leap.
or at least gearing up for it.
so if big change is also in your future, here's a little motivation.
for you and i.
so we can gear up together.
the proverbial 1, 2, 3... jump!

"The time for procrastination is over. Begin!
Don’t be afraid. Do the best you can.
Of course you will make mistakes. Everyone does.
Learn from them and move forward.
When we do what we love, we rejoice along the way.

If you are unhappy, if you are feeling weary, troubled, or disillusioned,
may I ask you to try something?
Instead of dwelling on your troubles,
focus instead on creating something remarkable."

“This is the year I am failing.
For the first time in my life.
I am failing brilliantly and freely
and nothing has ever been so exciting”

- meg, the author of this blog.
(one of my favorites)

"resolve and thou art free."
-henry wadsworth longfellow

*photos taken by me of my beautiful sister katelyn as she posed to jump
(literally) this last summer. she is a braver soul than i.
i merely waded in.


  1. wow, those pictures are amazing. i think kate had an easier time with the cliff jumping because of her 4 older brothers. me on the otherhand... just like you. never jump.

  2. oh yes, good point.never thought of it like that, but i love the idea that my own cowardice is no fault of my own but derives from my lack of older brothers. thanks britt, i seriously think that is a legitimate point.


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