storing storage

we've found a home for our new food storage.
in that awkward cupboard above the fridge.

and i know food storage isn't supposed to be adorable,
but this stuff definitely is.

(thank you mother.)


  1. Do you have anything in your house that's NOT adorable? I doubt it!

  2. You weren't lying - that stuff is pretty cute. I'd much rather store that under my table than the rusty metal bins ours our in. :)

  3. whoah...are we twins??? sorry about the color selection. it must have been our time at ldsbc that gave us our color theory. ha. and thank you so much for your feedback on my post. Isn't her talk, like, more than great?! I don't know why it is so moving for me, but I think it's bc it's not just for artists. everybody in the whole wide world could benefit from hearing something so positive and encouraging. hope your well! xo.

  4. natalie - you are way too sweet. and there are many un-adorable things in our house, i assure you.

    and anbre, i know right? so cute. although i was kinda' diggin the plain metal tins too.

    kera, no way jose! the more grey & pink the merrier! and it probably does stem from our shared design education huh? i love it!

  5. its soooo cute. you're so on top of it leah, as always. and p.s. love the recipes/book that you have started. genius.

  6. oh gosh, thanks paige. and yes, lets hang out soon.


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