fathers day

{cute grandpa holding up the fathers day card we made him.}

because our families both live so very far away,
we usually don't get the chance to celebrate small holidays together.
but we were lucky enough to have ryan's grandparents for fathers day this year.
it made the day extra special.
{and also made me miss my own grandfathers, who have both passed away.}
we spent the day picnicking up in the mountains.

{the boys at the top of the mountain. can you see them? they're small but they're there!!}

it was all lovely.
a lovely day.
a lovely location.
some really lovely company.
and even some lovely animal friends who we met along the way.

{ducklings actually crossing the street right in front of us!}

{we saw not just one but three moose!!}

{yes, we know we shouldn't have, but we fed him that nut he is eating anyways.}

I'm feeling both grateful and lucky.
grateful for stalwart fathers.
for hard working grandfathers.
and for all of our posterity, on both sides of our family.
as far as family trees are concerned, we really lucked out!


  1. Hey, remember last year? When Ryan started milking Father's day the day before? That was awesome. I hope he had a great one, again this year...:) Miss you!!!

  2. i do remember! it was highly amusing. how did fathers day go for you guys? it was eriks first official one so i'm sure it was awesome!


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