photography 101

for me thursday nights mean photography class.
homework can be a little tricky cause it's hard to find a willing subject.
{this is where kids would come in handy}
i call this one stranger on a motorbike, and am kind of proud of it.
that is all.


  1. you should be SO proud of it, cause its awesome! i need to take this class.... cause i dont know how to use our camera AT ALL.

  2. That's a cool picture. I'd love to take a photography class, guess I need a nice camera first, oh and are you kidding me- kids...willing subjects?!

  3. Okay, I love " stranger on motorbike". It's awesome. You are so good leah!!! And also I would LOVE it if you would take more pictures of miss penelope next time you are down...love it love it love it...


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