keen on peaches

at 7:00 tonight guess what i came home to.
a husband in the kitchen prepping up some peaches.
that's right, all those peaches I just haven't had any time for.
you know, that great big box we mentioned here.
all that blanching, and peeling, and cutting that i had been dreading looking forward to.
he did it all!!
and they couldn't have been juicier, riper, or sweeter.
i just kept eating them out of the bowl like crazy.
ryan had to literally shoo me away.

and now we've got a whole bunch of delectable frozen peaches.
(which are so-so much better than canned,
and taste incredibly fresh and juicy when thawed, due solely to the magic of grandma marchants recipe.
which is also easy, i might add.)

we even had 4 peachalicious left overs which we savored for a weeknight dessert.
hmmm, i am salivating just thinking about them.

oh, and that strawberry atop?
that's a proud little token from our garden!
we have already had 10 of these beauties.


  1. I have never thought about freezing peaches. That would be something I would actually do. I really, really don't like canned peaches. Frozen peaches, though would be delicious!

    I can't believe that your husband was doing all of that - you married well! :)

  2. kay sarah, you just have to try them! they are so delicious and juicy that way. canned peaches don't even taste like fruit in my opinion. and also this is way simpler than canning. at least that's what my husband tells me. :) yes, i did marry well. very well!


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