a windfall indeed.

it's like christmas morning over here!
a friend of my husbands just happens to work at his family orchard here.
(if you live in the provo area it's so incredibly worth the trip. heck, if you live in utah it's worth the trip.)
and yesterday he brought over entire boxes of fresh picked peaches and apples.
(already my head is spinning with grand ideas of apple sauce & canned peaches.)
they are the yummiest & tastiest of produce!
biting into these apples transports me back to elementary school days, and field trips to the local orchards for apple picking and cider making.
bounty like this just makes my heart sing.
also included was a couple gallons of apple juice.
which is completely unlike any ordinary apple juice we're used to.
they should call it something like liquid apples.
or apple nectar.
or the essence of apples.
it's so delicious we're convinced it has healing powers.
and yes, we are LOVING it!
jealous? come on over! we promise to share. :)


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