tomato sauce 101

i turned these tomatoes into this tomato sauce, and then turned this tomato sauce into this baked ziti!!
homemade tomato sauce is beyond belief!
and i just never realized how incredibly healthy it is.
i made mine with celery, onions, mushrooms, and tons of tomatoes.
and it made all the difference for a really tasty ziti.
(that and mozzarella that is both shredded and cubed, in equal parts.)
i just thought my first attempt at something so intimidating should be documented.
and now it is.

don't forget to:
cut a cross in the tomatoes before blanching.
(this makes them super easy to peel)
leave out 1 cup of the mixture before blending, and then add it to the sauce afterwards.
(this makes it nice and chunky)
add a little bit of sugar to taste.
(to cut through the acidity)


  1. Mmmmm. Homemade tomato sauce is SO much better. It's hard to go back when you run out of garden tomatoes! Store tomatoes are just not the same.

    That baked ziti looks delicious!

  2. That looks delicious! Brent LOVES Ziti, I'll have to get your recipe.

  3. Store tomatoes are completely not the same! we just figured that out this summer. and now it's going to be a long cold winter now that we know what we'll be missing!

    and kachiri we were totally going to bring some over to you guys. seriously, we just kept thinking we should and then just never did. now i feel so bad knowing brent loves it. for sure next time we make it you guys are at the top of our list!!


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