Sunday Fireworks

ryan and i enjoy a good long sunday evening walk.
tonight as we left, we also got to enjoy quite a firework show.
i'm not sure who, or where, or why, but we're not the types to question a free show!
it was down in the valley, over which we can see perfectly from our front patio.
and that my friends was my favorite part of today.
being held in husbands arms, watching the fireworks, in 65 degree weather perfection.
i hope yours was also a happy sabbath!
just as it should be.


  1. Leah, we miss you guys! When I saw on facebook that you'd posted something about the fireworks last night, I came right to your blog to check it out- because we were wondering what that was all about last night too. Logan should do random fireworks all the time :) It did make for quite the fun surprise last night :)

  2. we miss you guys too tiffany! and wasn't that a fun sunday surprise? we loved it! and thanks alycia!


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