conference with my lady friends

Tonight I was lucky enough to join with the other 20,000 or so women (as well as some very sweet friends) in the conference center, where I admired the incredible architecture, was inspired by the beautiful words, and moved by the glorious music.

And the words that I just can't forget are these:
"Appearances can be so deceiving, such a poor measure of a person."
They were spoken by our prophet President Monson.
(his full talk can be watched, heard, or read here. it begins at 58 minutes.)

These words more than any others resonated with me.
Because they are true!
Because they're so contrary to what we hear daily from the world around us!
Because our society is completely obsessed with appearances!
Because beauty seems to be the be-all end-all goal of almost all women!
Because I have both judged & been judged by appearances!
And because it's something I desperately want to be better at!

I want to always distinguish between a person and what they look like.
recognizing that what I see falls short in so many ways.
And that appearances really are such a poor measure of a person.

Also, Cafe Zupas for dinner was our delicious end to a fantastic evening.



  1. Oh wasn't it great? I was down there too with my mom! Too bad we didn't run into each other.

  2. his talk was truly inspiring.. just what i needed to hear. so glad you had a good time with the ladies!

  3. it was SO great!! I loved president monsons talk to no end. and it's so nice to be there in the conference center. can't wait for the weekend.


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