The many faces of a Grandma with Alzheimers.

It can be heartbreaking to see your grandma tear up when she realizes that it is Christmas day and is devastated by the fact that she has not done any christmas shopping yet.
To see her sitting sweaty on the doorstep after walking over a mile to get to our house in the winter cold, more than once a day. (at least she is getting her exercise!)
To hear her continually insist on going back home (she doesn't have one) to her guests (she doesn't have any) after arriving at our house just a few minutes ago.
Lot's of things are difficult when you love someone with Alzheimer's.
But there are really incredibly clear and funny moments when she is just herself again.
She kind of hams it up for the camera doesn't she?



  1. This is such a sweet post Leah. :O) I just want to hug and cuddle up next to your Grandma. :O)

  2. oh I love Grandma Hartley! When she was in our ward I would have little visits with her & they always made my day! What a trial it is, yet she is so blessed to have you guys around to be there and help her!

  3. Cute post, She is so fragile and yet so strong minded. We are lucky to have her. She has left a great legacy for her children and grandchildren.

  4. I just remember all the sounds she was making as you took these..."hmmm, "yumm", "ohh", "ahh". Like there needed to be sound affects to each picture. So cute. And funny.

  5. Your right it can be so heartbreaking to watch someone you love go through this...I also find it so sweetly rewarding when she has moments of clarity and realizes just how incredibly loved she is by so many of her family members. She still has so much to teach us even with alzheimers We still have so much to learn from this great women we call mom and grandma!!

  6. Well thanks, she is definitely a very huggable grandma Kera.

    Andy, that is so cute, I completely forgot that you guys were in the same ward. How fun!

    And strong minded is right Gale, you just can't help but love her!

    Chels, I can't believe I totally forgot about all those noises she was making, I seriously should have just filmed it!! It really was so very adorably funny.

    Les, don't you feel like those moments -when you can see the lights go on and there is complete recognition in her eyes- are such precious gifts? It's like: Grandma is back!! All the more precious because you just don't know how long she will stay.

  7. So cute. I feel like I know and love your grandma!!! She's just so cute.

  8. Oh i miss her! Thanks for capturing this side of her as it is a very endearing trait that she loves to be a comic at times! Also she really loves good looking food! She loves you so much Leah. Thanks for all you still do for her.

  9. I need to have a camera handy more often! it is so cute what you captured in these pictures. She is so cheerful regardless of the confusion that she lives in. It is amazing to me.

  10. She is amazing. She makes Alzheimer's look pretty easy (most of the time.) Love that grandma and al her many personalities! :)


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