Girls Night (x2)

These lovely ladies came to stay this past weekend.
Us girls monopolized the house while Ryan did guy stuff (think working on cars and hockey games.)
And who cares that we never got to bed before two?
Or that our to-do lists are left untouched?
There is just something incredibly restorative about long talks and seriously insane amounts of laughter.
And although I am generally inclined to underestimate the importance of friend-time,
I am feeling so much the effects of it, and am grateful.
Thanks to you & you & you!

Also, could we please get some pictures documenting this next time?!


  1. I know, right?!? We NEVER take pictures. We're the worst. We're far too busy laughing. HA HA HA. That was so much fun. Thanks for letting us come take over your WHOLE ENTIRE HOUSE. I appreciate it. :) Penny did, too. We just miss you guys and had so much fun. We will do it again soon. Girls' WEEKEND is the BEST!!! YAHOO!!! Love you!Plus, is that picture so seriously adorable? Cause I feel like I might just die! How is she so stinking perfect and beautiful? I don't know, but she is. I just love her, and I LOVE that she loves our Reigles. I loved watching her stare and grunt at the hall, like, "COME ON!!! I know you're out there!!!" She just loved it! We must plan this like...monthly. Or weekly. Once I'm out of school, definitely weekly.

  2. What a sweet picture. It sounds like a therapeutic few days to me!
    I've had fun catching up on your last few posts. The Grandma post is priceless!
    I get several messages a day from Grandma that always make me chuckle.. and a little sad.
    Can't wait to see you in a few weeks!

  3. I do just love this picture of the two of you. What a sweet mommy you are, and an even sweeter baby! :) Let's definitely make this a more common occurrence!


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