There was a birthday.

It included a breakfast in bed.
An Italian dinner out.
A lemon poppyseed birthday cake with raspberry curd filling. 
A birthday candle.
And even a present or two.
And the cherry on the cake?
A private backyard showing of the much anticipated movie Jane Eyre.

And now I am documenting it all as a 30-year old.
I'm going to have to get used to saying thirty. It just doesn't sound right.


  1. Okay, so I'm assuming you know this already---but seriously, you look UNBELIEVABLY BEAUTIFUL and perfect in EVERY single picture. Holy cow, Leah. You look amazing. Seriously. Anyway, now that I'm done being a creeper, I hope you had a great day!!! When I come up, we're celebrating, as if it was your ACTUAL birthday. I love your birthday. Also, I hope your present doesn't die before we get there. Booya.

  2. You Remington girls are ridiculously pretty! Now I want to sit and watch Jayne Eyre instead of make blackberry jam, can peaches and clean finger prints off my piano. Happy Birthday!

    Julianna (your babysitter from Vernon BC) now living in Chicago with 4 girls of my own.

  3. Leah, like I said before, your glowing mexico-glow looks amazing on you. Seriously, gorgeous. I love your birthday! I love that we got to celebrate with you. I love that I still have one tiny little bite of Ryan's delicious cake still in my fridge waiting for me to consume. I love your delicious looking breakfast, and your amazing looking movie night. I hope you had a fabulous day. And thanks again for letting me pigeon hole you in to watching Hazel. See you at 5!

  4. Leah! I know that Mindy and Crystal already said this, but it is true. You have a mexican glow about you and you look absolutely beautiful! Maybe it is a thirties glow! In that case you will have it for 10 years! I just love you and I'm glad you had such an amazing birthday!! You are gorgeous!

  5. Happy 30th Birthday Leah!! It looks like it was a fantastic day. You do look absolutely beautiful in your pictures, 30 is looking good on you! :)

  6. what a perfect day!! Happy Belated Birthday. Here's to beiing 30!

  7. So much birthday love... thanks for all the wishes & compliments!! 30 is looking pretty good so far.


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