A room with a {new} view.

Where once were these:

Now we have these:

Don't get me wrong, I love both of the pictures that used to hang here.
But the frames were so big & heavy it felt as though they were a bit much for our white walls to handle.
And I had these two black frames hanging empty upstairs in our guest room,
so I determined to put them to better use.

I bought some matt board on sale for no more than $10.
The beveled inside squares were cute for $2 a piece.
And I exacto-d the exterior at home for no charge at all.
And the frames? They've been around here for ages just waiting for a job to do.
One was a gift and the other a d.i. find for $1.
That makes a total of 13 buckaroos for brand new art and a brand new living room view!

The hardest part of this project was cleaning the glass well enough.
I kept seeing specks on the inside and had to take the whole thing apart to give it another go with the glass cleaner. I think I did that at least half a dozen times.

This frame houses a print by one of my favorite Romanian artists.
It was incredibly difficult to find any of his prints while over there, and this one was a surprise gift from a dear friend right before I left the country.
I'm so happy to finally have a prominent place to display it in our home.

And frame #2 holds a picture I have been longing for for ages.
One of my favorites from this utah artist

Confession: I couldn't find a small print for sale anywhere so I just printed it at home.
Yep, I did. And you can hardly tell.
I figure it's a place holder until I find a print for sale smaller than 15"x15".

We love them!
They look so clean and crisp against our white walls.
It's a happy & refreshing surprise to see them when I come downstairs.


  1. Looks great - love your knack for making beautiful things and spaces.

  2. leah these are so beautiful. i am really interested in finding some prints for that romanian artist for my mom (we are romanian too). any ideas on how to get my hands on them?

  3. Thanks guys. And mercedes, best of luck, I had a dickens of a time getting my hands on one. :)


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