Pie Party

Last Monday we had a friendly gathering around a campfire eating pie.
It was both casual and delicious.
These mini pies were just to wet the appetite as the invitation.

The real feasting was on whoopee pies, and berry tarts, and chocolatey pie goodness.
It was equally messy and delightful!
Basically an excuse to be with friends and have a bonfire. 

And tonight? Who knows.
But I am pretty sure it will include some very impromptu costumes, handing out some yet to be purchased candy, and something super easy for dinner, probably take out.
Maybe even a walk through the leaves in our favorite cemetery, to feel halloween-y.
Happy Halloween!


  1. or a friend forcing her leftover chili on you and using all of your paper plates to pass out doughnuts. hahahaha. Thanks for the delicious pie night. It was a hit and something that should be implemented every year (because we're both going to be here next year, right?)

  2. We loved it, you can force your chili on us anytime! :) And yeah, lets just resign ourselves to the idea of making this our permanent home. :)


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