Slowly but Surely

This was no joke.
We are having a yard sale tomorrow, and are getting rid of so much stuff!
I have a weekly cleaning routine, each day is focused on cleaning a different area of our home, and this week as I have made my way through the rotation I have been clearing tons of junk out for said yard sale. 
Just picture me stalking about our house mumbling about how everything must go in a british accent.
That is what I have been doing, mentally of course, not vocally.

Our living room is looking better already.
We have cleared out tons of stuff (although you wouldn't know it from this mid-process picture) and lined our back wall with ikea shelves, creating a library of sorts.
You can tell the second picture was taken in progress with the big 'ol hammer and all those nails laying about. 
A finished picture will have to wait to all the yard sale crazy dies done and I have time to figure out why my most recent pictures won't load onto our computer.
For now, know there has been progress.
And that the car load of stuff in the parking lot not only feels great to get rid of but will help supplement the myriad of changes I am itching to make around here.

Am I the only one who gets these drug-addict-type-urges to change
absolutely everything about our home every spring? 

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  1. I loved your bookshelves and I'm excited to see the final project. I want to rearrange and re-do things at my house but I lack your creative genius... :)


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