We've Been International Over Here

Hello old friend.
It certainly has been a while. 
Nearly a month actually.
And it slipped by so quickly I hardly noticed.
But its good to be back.
So let's catch up a little shall we?
I spent some time in Canada.
By myself for a week and then joined by my husband for a long weekend.
While there we encountered a bear, loads of deer, and heaps of sheep.
Of the mountain variety.
We had a few days of snow.
This is unusual for late May, even in Canada.
And best of all we got to see family.
More than just see them really, we played, hiked, canoed, picnicked, bonfired, and boated.
And there was even a birthday celebration in there for good measure.
This is the challenge, certainly, of living far from home.
Maintaining close bonds when there is over 600 miles between you.
It's strange and sad that so many of our big life moments have come and gone without family involvement.
And that this will continue to be the case in the future.
Being 1 of 8 kids I was raised with huge family gatherings and commemorations of all kinds.
My husband comes from more of the same.
So this being on our own thing is definitely something we are still adjusting to.
Good friends definitely help fill in the gaps.
But trips like these, they help a lot too.

 Also, I only brought a total of one sweater on this trip.
I packed for sunny spring weather. 
Needless to say that sweater got a lot of use - you may have noticed - cause it was chill-y!!

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  1. Oh wow Leah- what an amazing trip. I love all of the pictures!!! We sure miss you Reigles and think about you all the time. Can't wait to see you again!!!


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