Snippets of Cabin Life

Four completely full, completely fun, and completely wet days were enjoyed in Montana at the cabin last week.
Just last night we rolled back into town and we are still recovering.
Not just from the exhaustion of having so much fun but also from some unidentifiable bug bites and mysterious bruises collected over the course of the weeks activities.
All worth it in the end of course.
And the best part of the entire trip was having our missionary brother home from Las Vegas after two years to make everything just that much funner.
Sadly my camera only made an appearance on one of the four days and it just happened to be the very day that half of us were home splashing in the lake while the other half were rafting down river. 
Oh well, snippets it is then. 
A quick over-the-shoulder glance back at cabin living Remington style.

the kiddie pool turned adult hot tub every afternoon after hours in the sun
love birds aplenty at cabin trip 2012
above all a fisherman is to take himself seriously while fishing. that is like rule #1
some tandem dives were more successful than others. others were more on the amusing end of things. 
his enthusiasm for canoeing more than made up for his inability to even out the weight on the other end 
buckets of water poured over her head - acceptable. 
being placed gently in a floating island with ankle deep water - most definitely unacceptable.
favorite part of the week for these kiddos -- playing with sticky balls. and also watching movies. preferably simultaneously.

Despite the shocking lack of photographic evidence, I promise we were there too!

past cabin years documented here, here, here, and here.

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