Purpose of Posting

It's so interesting to look at so many blogs, each one with a different look, feel and personality, and each with a completely different purpose. Some blogs I’ve visited are so witty and clever it seems their sole purpose is to entertain, and I love that. Then there are those blogs that serve as a mere timeline to that person’s life, and I also love that. I’ve seen a few that offer inspiration, and even more that cause me to think, to really think, and then there are those that are so constantly changing, colors, backgrounds, pictures, font, so that it almost seems to be a mirror reflection of their daily moods. And then there are endless business venture blogs that combine equal amount of marketing tactics and pleasant distraction To be honest, there is something I love about all of them, so now I am sorting out in my mind what kind of blog I want ours to be.

In order to define what it will be, I suppose I need to understand that one little thing that directs each one of you bloggers out there – purpose. Unlike life, it seems more difficult to define the purpose of a blog. Perhaps it shouldn’t be. The purpose of our life, maybe, is what guides our blogs. So philosophical, I know, but I’ve just started spending time blogging, and now I’m left to analyze what it’s all for. If I’m spending all this time on here without purpose, then what a waste of time, huh? Hmmm, that gives me something to think about. To be honest, I have not yet clarified my purpose, I’ll stew on it and get back to you, or me, or whoever I decide all these meanderings are for.


  1. Ok here are my thoughts. In the movie Shaddowlands (one of my absolute favorites by the way) there is a quote "We read to know we are not alone". Maybe we blog to know we are not alone. I started blogging just as a journal for me personally then I told a few family members and it has grown beyond that. I don't know if anyone gets anything from my daily thought process but this is what I get from others blogs.

    1. I am not alone, other women are struggling with and dealing with the same issues I am.
    2. A good laugh. I LOVE the blogs that make me laugh.
    3. A new perspective, When I see how other people live and the way they approach their lives I am able to make adjusments to areas in my life that are lacking (ie. laughing)
    4. A new closeness with people that I am out of touch with. I have so many family memebers that it is hard to keep in touch but those who have blogs I feel close to and I love knowing what they are doing in their lives.....(ie. YOU) so I hope you keep it up and don't worry too much about purpose. If the only purpose is to keep you close and in communication with those you love and love you then it is all worth it. I am sure your Mom would agree. I hope that my girls will blog when they leave my house so I can have that contact. Ok this is for sure the longest comment you have ever gotten. I love you Leah and hope you know your purpose in doing this is important. I love your blog.

    Love ya!

  2. I agree with the Bray Family above. Especially number 4. Blogging helps us keep connected to people we aren't able to communicate with often enough. Although I find that sometimes it replaces real communication, which is the downside.
    But keep blogging because I love to hear what you are up to!

  3. Leah you are so Awesome!! The blogging world needs people like you - Thinking people! I love how you think for yourself and how you don't just go along with something just for the fact that everyone else is. Your a common sense kind of gal...I love it! I feel the same way as you on so many levels!! But I also feel like this blogging world is so important... Amen to Gales thoughts!

    Keep blogging - I find you refreshing!

  4. you are so great leah! and im so glad we are in the blogging world together now! :) that is so funny that you are brittany's cousin.. cause now i can totally picture it, you guys are definitely related! i love her- small world, eh?
    and ps.. jord is feelin that he needs to redeem himself at uno- we will have another game night one of these days!


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