Happy 27th!

My husband turned 27 on Monday. Only his third birthday since we have been married. In some ways it feels so much longer.

Like, when it's hard to remember my life before Ryan. Sometimes when I look back at things that happened before we knew each other I'll accidentally picture him in there somewhere before I realize it was before our time.

It's amazing and surreal to think about the rest of our lives together, and sometimes, not always, but sometimes it feels too good to be true.

There are so many things I love about Ryan. So many reasons I'm so glad he was born. More than any other reason is the way he treats people. Not just his people because they are his, or my people, because they are mine, but all people. Ryan is truly good. The best man I have ever met.

It's not just that he tries to overlook differences in people, he doesn't differentiate at all. If those he loved or those he hardly knew came to him for assistance, the effort to help would, and often has been, the very same.

I attribute this in large part to his selfless mother and loving family. They are a family of service. Ryan has absorbed this beautifully. Ryan is too good for me. Because I know this I'm so glad he doesn't. He'd say the opposite. But I know the truth.


  1. Ryan, you're getting old. like old old. anyways, happy birthday!!! ANd Ryan, you are pretty nice. by the way, our sink needs to be fixed...just kidding! ha ha ha.
    he he he. ho ho ho.

  2. Cute post Leah! Happy Belated Birthday to Ryan!


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