Erik & Mindy as McCain & Palin, Ryan and I as doctor and patient. (He, obviously, receiving medical treatment for his caboose)
Okay, I am aware that this post is coming in a little after the season, but we had such a fun Halloween!

Ever since I was a little girl and we attended my aunt Kathy's huge annual Halloween bash featuring bonfires, homemade root beer and sloppy Joe's, Halloween just doesn't seem completer without a party of some sort.

This year we celebrated with dinner, games, scary movies, and some of our closest friends.

Kera & Jed as dirty laundry & static cling

Superman & Lois Lane after years of marriage :)

Taylor & Crystal as Bumble Bee and recently pollinated flower! Congrats guys & very cute!
Tiffany & Jason as Cheerleader & Indiana. Jones that is.

Again with the politicians!

Greased Lightning & Kitty Cat
Yes, pumpkin shaped bread bowls (courtesy of the Corbridges) soup, and tons of goodies. Yum!
Happy Halloween!
(Better late than never)


  1. Looks like a lot of fun!! You guys look great!

  2. Whoever was McCain was totally hot. Maybe you could get me his number! That would be awesome!!!


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