Honestly, I know there is a huge fan base here, and I admit, I've read all the books so there is some appeal. But let’s be honest, it’s that harlequin romance guilty pleasure kind of appeal. No way is there any substance associated with this series.

For some reason I find myself disturbed by the ridiculous ultra-fascination with this book!

Can someone please, just for the sake of curiosity, remove all sections of this book dealing with Edwards’s perfection of form and figure, and Bella’s ever increasing fascination with his flawlessness (how many times is that word used in the book anyway?) then, let’s please continue and cut out all parts dealing with Edwards reciprocating sentiments of adoration and lustful worship.

I’d put money on the table that what would remain after making these alterations could barely qualify as a short pamphlet of literacy.

*disclaimer: many of my all-time favorite people love this book! No judgement if you disagree, I promise.


  1. Leah,I hope you know that I was in no way offended by your post. I NEVER take offense and always see people as having good intentions. I love you to death and I hope my comment didn't hurt your feelings in any way. Your Mom has always told me you are a great debater so I just threw my thoughts out there. I can see so many of your points in this post as being true....trust me. I was just trying to give you the other side.

    Love you,

  2. Ok, I'll admit it I'm a fan too! I hope you’re not disappointed in me Leah. ;) For me the reason I so enjoyed the books was not because of any sort of portrayed perfection but, but for the pure fact that they were entertaining to me. In my oppinion it is a novel it is supposed to transport you from the place you are in to a place of imagination. You know like watching a good movie, or a TV show you love, it takes you out of the day to day and takes you in a place that gets you away from it all. It doesn't lessen my concern for the economy just gives me a break from it. I am however a romantic…Pride and Prejudice is my favorite! So, there you go. And ditto Gale...I'm so not offended by your post.

    Love ya, (and your oppinions):)

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  4. Sorry-that was weird...My comment was "removed by the author" Anyways, I hope I'm one of your favorite people! :)

  5. Yeah Mind, it's done that a couple times to me now, I'll get an email saying I got a comment and then when I go to check it, it has been deleted. If I was more blog savvy I could probably figure out a way to retrieve them . . .


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