O Canada!

Has anyone seen the movie Meet me in St. Lois? One of my favorite parts shows Tuty, a little girl in the film, talking to the milk man and she says "St. Lois is my favourite town. Aren't I lucky to be born in my favorite town?" It's such a familiar sentiment, and I can't help but feel lucky to have been born in my favorite country. Yes, it's Canada.

Similar to the feelings regarding parents and siblings, I just know Canada is wonderful for so many reasons that I recognize are completely biased. Regardless, it was so fun to be home over Thanksgiving and just savor Canada.
The following is just a short love of those things I love most about the motherland:
  • speed in kilometers
  • temperature in celcius
  • poutine (trust me its delicious & merits its own post)
  • really big mountains
  • really good chocolate
  • universal health care
  • loonies & yes, toonies
  • the singer/musician Feist
  • the friendliy giant
  • the word "Zed"


  1. Leah, I need a lesson on canada, I don't even know what 5 of the items on your list are... The friendly Giant and the word Zed??? And whatever this Poutine is I need to try it. If you say it's good then it's bound to be fantastic.

  2. I was thinking that same thing!! :) It sounds so good! I want to know! :)


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