White Christmas

(yes, picture proof of this incredible weather we have been having.)

The front walkway . . . nearly waist deep!

The poor birds! Both their doors are blocked.

So, we probably shouldn't be surprised but it's definitely shaping up to be a white Christmas here in Wisconsin! Over the last couple days we have already gotten a couple feet of now.

It's white white white, and we love it! Nothing gets you in the Christmas spirit like the white fluffy stuff. In fact, church was even cancelled today due to the drifts on the roads.

Everything looks so perfect, and the backyard is picturesque, already we've spotted almost a dozen bright red cardinals in the trees, deer, and a bunny rabbit.


  1. CHURCH WAS CANCELED???That's it, we're moving to Wisconsin for sure. HE HE HE. We miss you!!!

  2. merry christmas reigles! we hope you are enjoying your most-deserved break!
    xoxox- the staples


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