Winter Picnic

Friday night found Ryan and me yearning for grand adventure. So naturally we sought it out. First things first, we executed a quick Google search for Logan canyon hikes. Found one!

Impulsively we rounded up a winter picnic and journeyed into the mountains! We were headed for what was sure to be an impressive escapade; hiking, mountaineering, a memorable trek through the mountains.

Only one thing stood in our way. Snow!

We somehow assumed that the snow would only add to the excitement of the exploration, never realizing the obvious, that snow could block entire hiking trails. It did, in fact, cover our entire hiking trail.

There we were, Ryan and I, after nearly 20 minutes of driving, standing at the trail head in the dark, with snow covering our boots. Dejectedly we witnessed numerous snowmobilers take off deftly into the powdery adversary, coming to the sad realization that we ourselves were sorely unprepared.

But we were not deterred! Our evening was not ruined! Quite the opposite. We grilled our brats and drank our hot chocolate right there at the trailhead, hiking a couple loops around the flattened snow nearby. Marking more notably the subtle trail created conveniently close to the public outhouse (which also came in handy.)

And that is where we spent the bitter cold Friday night. One of our finest date-nights ever!


  1. hahah, Reigles you make me laugh. I'm pretty much a hermit when it comes to winter evenings, so I'm impressed by your sense of adventure with even attempting to go hiking at night. It sounds like you made the best of it though. You guys are great!

  2. You guys are awesome! Ty and I thought we would have a picnic up there awhile ago but when we saw the snow I made him turn right around and we never left the toasty car. Sounds like a fun time!

  3. We'll have to group date it next time you two!

  4. You guys are way more adventurous than us, but I bet that is something you'll never forget! ;)

  5. The thing I love about you Leah is that you know how to make the most of life! Thanks for posting this.


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