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1. Honestly list 10 things about yourself.
2. List 10 friends you want to see do the same
(It is my opinion that these truths are more like confessions)

1. My phone is almost always on silent. I miss a lot of calls because of this. Regardless of complaints, this probably won't ever change.
Ryan's phone rang in church once when we were visiting Los Vegas. His ringtone was lips of an angel. To his credit, he definitely did not answer it.
An even worse experience was when my alarm clock on my cell phone went off in class. Three times in a row. With three different ring tones. My professor was not impressed. Neither was I.

2. When I am alone I usually sing. It's usually pretty loud. Sometimes this occurs even when I think I am alone. It is usually accompanied with dance moves.
I have been caught at this once or twice. Once when I was feeding fish outside by some fish ponds. My cousin Bethany caught me. Luckily she joined in. This is still one of my favorite memories with her. That and an embarrassing scandal in the wee morning hours at my grandma Hartleys house .

3. I really love the smell of pine sol. Sometimes Ryan will clean just so it smells like pine sol when I get home. Other times he will just swish some around in the kitchen sink so it smells clean when I get home. I love this about him.

4. I harbor a secret love for cemeteries. When we were looking for places to live in Logan, the close proximity to a particularly lovely cemetery is why we chose our current apartment.
I also have a large stack of pictures that capture over a dozen different cemeteries from my time spent in Romania. Sometimes I would force my mission companions to lunch inside them with me picnic style.
I think I should always like to live next to one.

5. I love chocolate but don't really like any kind of candy. Except jelly beans, I love jelly beans.

6. Another favorite smell of mine is the smell of skunks. In high school I looked into getting a pet skunk for this very reason. it makes me happy just to catch a distant whiff, and brings a smile to my face even when I am upset.

7. There are certain things I don't enjoy, but really wish I did. Things like sushi and running. These are things I continually force myself to participate in the hopes that one day I will find myself loving them.

8. I'm super critical. Of everything. Mostly of myself. Good because it causes me to constantly evaluate everything. Bad because it causes me to constantly evaluate everything.

9. I secretly (or not so secretly) love my feet. For some reason I think they are very lovely and beautiful. Husband agrees with me on this point. Not many other people do.

10. In high school I missed a lot of classes. Actually, I skipped a lot of classes. On my high school transcript I think I missed more classes than I attended. For a while I was worried I would not graduate.
Despite this humble academic past I will graduate from Utah State University in exactly 7 days. With honors no less! This fact means much more to me because of my questionable high school experience.

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  1. Leah, I will see if I can come up with 10 different things that are as interesting as yours. I'm still boggled as to the fact that you wanted a pet skunk... very curious.

  2. Just got back from my vacation and it was wonderful. I loved reading these fun facts about you!! I will do mine in a few days when all the laundry is done, house is clean and kids loved.

  3. Oh, I remember those cemetary days in Romania.

    You tagged someone named Natalie, but I am sure it's not me.

  4. I just noticed I was tagged!! Ok I'll get on this I have not blogged for weeks...time to start!

  5. Yes sora cook, its you! Those were fun times weren't they?


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