Insomnia = exciting discovery

image borrowed from here.

I couldn't sleep tonight.
rather than lie awake in bed,
I began to clean out our memory drawer.

While organizing
I stumbled upon some of my old journals.
The last couple of hours have been spent pouring over them.

Some entries made me smile, some made me cry,
and oh so many made me laugh right out loud.

I highly recommend this.
It's not just entertaining but cathartic!

And I'm rededicating myself to journal writing!
I want juicy stuff to read ten years down the road when I relive this moment!


  1. Leah I get insomnia all the time and have spent half my life getting up in the night to either read or write. I recommend a huge stack of books by your bed. Congrats on graduating! I am so proud of you. So what is your next degree? Don't stop now! Love you and love your blog.

  2. At least I know insomnia is a genetic thing :) I was starting to wonder.

    Thanks for the congratulations . . . we are so happy to be done with this chapter, and so excited for the next.

    Excited mostly because we have no idea what the next chapter holds!!

    We'll definitely keep you posted.

  3. i definitely did the same thing like two weeks ago... mine were mainly from high school and i think all i wrote about were boys... i was laughing so hard, and kept reading stuff to my poor roommate... don't you love the way it brings you back? i felt like i was re-living all of those experiences again. so fun!

  4. Yes, it's so fun! Completely takes you back, and it's even nicer because you can slow down and relish every moment, even experience each one a couple times in a row if you wish . . . very nice!

  5. Oh I do this all the time, and I've always kept a journal- well at least all of highschool, college and still...
    the other day I made Chase listen to all the journal entries I've made since we were married! haha, I don't think he liked it as much as I did.
    I love Journals.

  6. This proves it . . . completely genetic!


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