happy fathers day!

To: my dad

on fathers day i'm glad for countless memories of swimming, and hiking, and biking, and playing on the trampoline, and working in the yard, and gardening, and family home evening, and good talks and brilliant discussions . . . all with YOU!

To: my dad in law

on fathers day i'm grateful for the love, and support, and encouragement, and guidance, and hard work, and endless service, and great example -shared with my husband for so many years, and now with me- . . . all from YOU!

To: my husband

on fathers day i'm happy for bedtime stories, and tickle torture, and family vacations, and running through sprinklers, and sandwich hugs, and dancing in the kitchen with kids on our toes, and job charts, and themed picnics and adventures . . . all in the future, and all with YOU!

happy fathers day to the men in my life!

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  1. You're nice to wish Ryan a happy future Father's Day- I keep rubbing it in Andrew's face that he isn't a father and telling him all the cool gifts he would get if he were- Ha Ha! You're a much better person than me! ;)


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