we've got cabin fever!

it's kinda' like disco fever but better.
daily symptoms include:
1. sleeping late
2. eating unusually large breakfasts.
(dads traditional whole wheat banana pancakes with whipped cream & fresh berries)
2. excessive swimming
3. hours of tanning
4. afternoons dedicated to pirateering
5. lengthy boating
6. compulsion towards all watersports
(skiing, wakeboarding, wake-surfing, tubing, & kayaking)
10. increased eating of all foods delicious
12. unusual fascination with fire
(on land, water, and in the air)
13. staying up late at night &
experiencing a fierce competetive nature while playing cards.
I hope we never recover!!!


  1. This list looks like my list of, "things I would do every day if I had my druthers." It sounds amazing!

  2. oh my gosh, that sounds so fun! i love your family. and your dad's pancakes. dang. good stuff there.

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  4. it was so fun, and i could definitely be happy to live my life on such a lake. do we have any here in utah?


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