things you can buy for a dollar.

if your in the right place at the right time.

a beautiful old horn.
{not yet tested as i can't bring myself to blow in it.}

handbook of chemistry & physics published in 1961.
{in math classes my professors would often reference the times
when texts like this were used in place of calculators.
it includes long lists of things like exponentials and logorithms.
and i am madly in love with it.}

and these green goblets are so thick & heavy.
my sister will be so pleased with her house warming gift.
and i am pleased with the cost!

and all of these things found at deseret industries for just a dollar.
can you believe the value?


  1. My mom had a whole set of those green goblets while I was growing up. I don't think we ever broke one - they are durable! Come to think of it, maybe she just took them to the DI...

  2. no way! i love 'em, and who knows, maybe they were your moms.


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