we went camping with our good friends
{tyler & whitney}
literally in the middle of nowhere.
and it was such fun.

we spotted some wildlife {grazing cattle}

enjoyed lot's of food around the blazing fire.

ate a few too many s'mores.

played some intense phase 10.

{we all tied. i've never had that happen in phase 10 before. ever.}

and talked, laughed, and played a lot!

now that you guys have moved, we definitely miss you!

and doesn't this breakfast look way too good for camping?


  1. That breakfast does look way too good for camping! You're not even using paper plates or the crappy plastic utensils. Very posh. It looks like you guys had fun. We are definitely going to miss those Garretts too!

  2. Phase 10 rocks and I've never had the whole table get to Phase 10 before everyone gets sick of me winning and quits- ha ha!

  3. ok so wee are VERY jealous of this situation! :O) Camping....and the Garretts.... what in the world! We miss you guys...and them.... and the obergs.... and the ostlers..... our lives are not complete without you all....

  4. crystal, we haven't seen you guys like all summer! we should definitely go camping together. you guys just seem like campers.

    and ali, weird right? i've never even come close to having that happen.

    oh and butlers, we have definitely missed you guys this summer. we are hoping everything is going well and can't wait to see pictures of your new place!


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