as seen through my windshield while driving.

has anyone else seen that movie yes man?
i always kinda' liked the idea of a photography/jogging group.
you know, a two in one kind of deal.
two birds with one stone and all that.
well i adopted the photography/driving idea on my way to canada a couple weeks ago.
whadayaknow, it was so much fun!
and look at all the fabulous pictures i now have of the drive-i've-taken-at-least-a-hundred-times-but-never-captured-on-film.
isn't that a wonderful idea?
and all made possible because i had to make the trip alone.
necessity drove me {get it?} to stay awake all ten hours.
{in case you haven't heard, i suffer from a terrible case of passenger narcolepsy.}
enjoy the picture memories of my travels.

i just have to point out, before you take a look at the next shot, how many more bug stains there were on my windshield by the end of my trip. this is the first canadian flag i saw after crossing the border, and the bugs are all the smudges.

i bet you want to do in-car shots of your next road trip now huh?

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