remember this idea?

to test its' feasibility i began cleaning out the closet today.

and found two of the largest black spiders ever. both the size of a dollar coin.

{i will not post a picture, because i'm sure you'd be just as enthusiastic about seeing them as i was.}

they were crouched in the corner poised to strike. {do spiders strike?}

and by their size i just know they have been growing and festering there since we moved all our shoes and jackets in there 2 years ago.

i killed them both. with raid. lot's of raid 'cause i am never sure when it's enough. and i want to be sure they're good and dead. and i kind of want them to suffer. i feel like they deserve it.

so now a puddle of pest killer soils our old closet/potential office. and despite the open windows and blowing fan our house smells strongly of insect-killing toxins.

and every so often i feel a creepy crawly feeling on my arm, or leg, or back, and i am certain one of their friends has sneaked upon me to take his vengeance.

phew, lucky for me ryan walked in the door just in time to dispose of their carcasses.

because you never can tell when a spidey fakes his own death.


  1. hahaha, oh Leah, I'm in love with this post. I'm so glad that there are others out there who are as terrified of spiders as I am. If it makes you feel better, Hobos are not black, so at least you weren't going to get necrotizing facitis when they attacked you.

    Yes, spiders do strike, and yes they probably have been planning their attack for the entire two years you've been living there. Spiders love to to shroud themselves in secrecy in the cover of your shoes, gloves, jackets, hats, blankets, etc...

    Raid was an excellent idea, since there's no possible way of sneaking up on a spider to smoosh it. You're pretty much just begging the spider to jump up in your face if you do that.

    And I'm sure that one, if not both of those spiders were tricking you into thinking they were dead and now they're outside rounding up all their other spider cohorts and planning a full-fledged uprising. I would watch my back if I were you.

  2. I second Crystal. Spiders do strike. Good thing you struck first. Also...I am quite certain their friends are on their way. This is why EVERY time you see a spider, even outside, you must kill it. Because it is coming to your house. I will help you kill all of them. No I will not. Erik will though.
    Also, your last line is FANTASTIC. And creepy. because I thought it right when you said it. Guess that's why we're friends.
    We should make bracelets.

  3. i'm so glad both of you can appreciate how truly serious this spider thing really is!

    and now you probably know that i am avoiding that particular corner like crazy.

    and every time i do go into that closet/office i have my eye on it the entire time, because i am quite certain that is the exact spot another spider (or the same one depending on how quick his spidey legs are) is going to eventually appear and start making himself comfortable.

    not on my watch!

  4. Leah that's funny...Spiders are gross. Your Post reminds me of a post I did on spiders last October (Only I totally include pictures) oops. I can now kill them with out losing my mind or my dignity. :)

  5. I wonder if spidey laid eggs? Just a thought...

  6. hahaha. I love the last line. So true...you never know when those sneaky little things are faking it.


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