and we also have a tree.

would you like to meet her?

here she is as seen by day.

and as seen by night.
she might lean a little to the right.
and she might be a chubby little 4' thing.
but to us she is perfect!
and we're completely smitten.
it's our first real one.
{you know what they say about your first.}
and this weekend will find us admiring said tree.


  1. I'm so jealous. Your tree is so precious. Can you ship it up to Edmonton?

  2. Leah! You totally won! You must be a lucky girl :) Also, I love your tree. She is adorable.

  3. ah jimmy, thanks! just a little 10 dollar tree from walmart, but we're very pleased with her!

    and sarah... no way!! i've never-ever won on a blog before, and i couldn't think of a better prize. hi-hip-hooray!

  4. Leah! We can home just barely to some yummy hot chocolate, marshmallows and candy canes!! SO yummy and perfect! THANK YOU! And hey, I don't know what they say about your first one...?? Let me know! :)

  5. i'm glad heather! we also enjoyed your little treaties! and i may just have eaten most of both of those delectable pretzels and left only a bite of each for ryan. so yummy!

    "you never forget..." -that's what they say. did you think it would be risque?!


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