at 105

she's not the kind of lady you can forget.
her eyes smile even when she doesn't.
they're twinkly eyes.
she looks at you like she knows something.
and it's easy to believe her.
she's a tiny little thing. she looks gentle and almost frail.
but looks are deceiving, because she's feisty.
not like other old ladies.
she's witty and charming and surprisingly smart.
and her hugs always come with special whispers in your ear.
reassurance, advice, or just loving expressions.
these grandma secrets make her hugs extra special.
and that's one of the things i will miss most about her.
i wish i had been writing down every whispered treasure.
oh the troves i could have filled!
i don't know why i didn't.
probably because i thought she would live forever.
she nearly did.
she turned 105 on november 28, 2009.
and celebrated with her daughters around her.
wearing her favorite color.
with her favorite flowers on the nightstand.
and my grandma held my great grandma's hand as she celebrated her last birthday.
i wish i had been there.
i didn't know she would pass away today.
but she's not the kind of lady you can forget.

and grandy,
i made your marshmallow recipe this year.
they were pink.
your favorite color.
and i thought of you.
they were the most perfect texture.
soft and sweet.
and they were delicious.
i thought you would like to know.


  1. 105?? holy cow... she must have been an amazing lady to have lived that long. what a sweet little tribute to her. but im sorry for your loss.

  2. i love that her nails are painted. so sweet that she passed at christmas time when the family is together.

  3. she was amazing, and had very pretty nails on her big day. and we were so happy that it happened at such an opportune time. and yet... funeral is in 40 days!? ah well.


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