Hela, heba helloa!

here she comes, just around the corner.
a shiny new year full of possibility!
a new beginning. a fresh start.
could anything be more wonderful?
clean. white. blank. clear of mistakes but full of unlimited potential.
like a clean slate or a fresh page on an unused notebook.
and that first stroke of a blue fine tipped pen doesn't ruin it but makes it better.
a list waiting to be checked.
duties waiting to be performed.
i love the new.
so much so that all my christmas gifts are still in their packages.
retaining that new-never-been-used feeling.
i know there is something to be said for old & used things too
{comfort, memories, nostalgia}
but right now i am just so excited about the new.
i'll reminisce about the old tomorrow.
today it's all about 2010!
and for the first time i truly have not even a clue as to what she will hold.
not for us as a couple, and certainly not for me as an individual.
so i am celebrating the hope of something great.
and the promise of something different.
and the potential for big change.
'cause i love change like i love new.
and i am happy to welcome her {2010} tonight from the comforts of our living room.
hello new & exciting year of 2010.
and a fond goodbye to 2009.


  1. Leah, perfectly said! I love it! It will be a great year! :) Hope you guys had a great time in Canada!

  2. thanks heather. it will be a great year, and we loved out time in canada. how was your holiday?

  3. So good. Missing the break now...And yes Leah, that tag was intended for you, your name kept coming to mind! :)


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