birthday football

sometimes i feel like i rip ryan off when it comes to guy stuff.
'cause super-bowl-ish things never really cross my mind.
my family never watched the super-bowl.
i don't think growing up i even knew any families who did.
if i did, i sure didn't know about them watching it.
it never even crossed my mind that this game was actually an event until i was 23.
and living away from home in utah.
then there was suddenly hype. and parties. and food. and numerous invitations.
and it was all new to me.
since this realization, i have attended a few such parties.
i like the idea of them.
the family, the friends, the visiting, and laughing, and eating.
i just wish there was something else making that all happen besides football.
maybe fiddler on the roof, or just some good ol' games.
'cause to me football is kinda' a bore.

but last night we hosted just such an event.
we had what seemed to me super-bowly type food.
loaded nachos & strawberry daiquiris. {yummy}
it was actually to commemorate our good friend {erik's} birthday.
so we also had a delicious lemon curd cake made by his wife.
and to be honest i had no idea who to cheer for.
i'd never heard of either team.
the colts sounded like a good solid name.
but the saints definitely had the better uniforms.
so, naturally, i asked ryan who he was cheering for.
he said the saints, 'cause they were the underdogs.
and unless the packers are playing he always cheers for the underdog.
i was sold, the saints it was.
we picked well.
i've never been so excited to see an underdog win!
it was the first time i truly enjoyed watching t.v. football.
and i can almost understand the hype.

*it helped that for the first half of the game i was cooking in the kitchen.
a game has never seemed so short.


  1. Oh Leah! So fun! We wish we would have been there! You know we love football, and nachos, and daiquiris, and cake, and you guys, and the Ostlers, and Erik's birthday.... boo for being 2,000 miles away.

  2. I have to admit, I love me a Super-bowl party but, it isn't for the football! I just love a good party and any reason is a good reason to me! Sounds like you had fun!

  3. kera we wish you guys were here too. i second your boo!
    and chelsey, i know the concept is a great one! we did have fun, hope you guys did too!!

  4. I love this post so much! I was laughing out loud and I had to read it to my roommate so she could see that I wasn't the only one in the world who wasn't into the superbowl... So funny.

  5. oh Bethany, it's so nice to know there are a few {precious few} of us out there.

    and even funnier than the fact that we're totally unsuperbowly is how surprised people are to learn that. have you noticed? like shocked, people are literally shocked. and don't say it's just a game, 'cause that opens up a whole other can of worms...


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