desktop litter

my desktop can all-too-quickly start to look like this:

'cause that's where i temporarily save all sorts of pictured inspiration.
and it clutters my space until i get around to organizing it into neat little folders.
which i store in a file i've creatively labeled 'ideas'.

is there a better way?


  1. check out tumblr.com its an easy way to store your 'ideas' on the web with links to the actual website... it is another way of blogging but it is also a good way to keep track of all of those ideas with out taking up precious computer space!

  2. Just get rid of your computer. Then there will be zero clutter. Moowahahaha.

  3. I love it Leah. You are always doing something fun and creative. Also love seeing all the fun things you have been doing with your house. I may have to hire you to come help me decorate if we ever get into ours. Hope all is well. Missing Logan and everyone there. Take care. Talk soon. Amy

  4. We have matching desktops ;) When you've found a brilliant idea for organizing it let me know!!!

  5. tumblr hmmm, great idea! we'll see. and mind, also a great idea!

    oh amy, we miss YOU guys! And i cannot wait to see your new place! let us no as soon as you get settled!

    and andrea i'm glad i'm not the only one.

  6. Mine would look exactly like that if it weren't for Trev constantly cleaning up after me. He even deleted the recycle bin once :-S
    If I find a cute idea, I usually add to my favorites. I have a ton of favorites, all stored neatly in a folder m arked 'Sian', and my darling husband knows not to touch it!


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