home is where you feel at home.

coming home.

nothing in the world feels so good!

it was simply wonderful walking in our front door last night.

and even more glorious waking up in my own bed this morning.

ryan is {of course} the very best part of homecoming.

but ryan aside, our house itself just feels so homey & welcoming.

i've missed witnessing the glowing sun setting on logan from our living room window.

and the mountain view sunrise looming over us from the comforts of our little bed.

i've even missed that little bed that forces us to snuggle every night.

and i've missed the miniature size of our house and coziness of all its rooms.

i've missed the personal touches we've collected over the years that make it home.

{it feels lovely to see our own faces smiling back at us from the walls}

i've definitely missed all the luxuries of our mac computer.

and i've missed the projects waiting to be finished.

even my project station {which is our only constant mess} made me happy.

i've missed the cemetery full of trees which is the backdrop to our nightly walks.

and the friends that are happily living behind the doors around us.

oh yes, it feels good to be home!


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