to his mom:

mom, i'm glad that you...
let us play nintendo in our underwear on saturday mornings.
and that you built snow men & forts with us every winter.
glad that you bought me a pizza {with candles} instead of cake for my sixth birthday.
and indulged us in backyard football games,
even though we could all see that wasn't really your thing.
i'm glad that you made us pull weeds from the garden, even when we didn't want to.
and that you talked sense into us after throwing snow balls at passing cars.
that you didn't kill me when i shot aaron raab in the head with my bb gun.
i'm glad that you baked sweet rolls, even when we didn't deserve them.
that you played hymns in the car on the way to church,
and talked about what we had each learned while driving home.
i'm glad that you let me help you cut fresh rhubarb from the garden,
and then used it to make my favorite dessert.
that you were there at every major event, and even the non-major ones.
i'm glad that you took us out for custard at home plate.
and glad that you let me order whatever i wanted.
glad that you took me and my friends bowling for my eighth birthday party.
and that you sat down and helped me with homework at night.
i'm glad you created whirlpools with us kids in the pool.
and that you made me memorize the articles of faith when i was eleven.
and had me help the wondra's pick their apples instead of playing in the river,
teaching me the importance of selfless service.
i'm especially glad that you were there loving me when i sure didn't deserve it.
and i'm glad for countless other things,
that even though i can't remember right now,
made for an extremely happy childhood.
i appreciate everything you do.
i love you!


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