let the birthweek begin!

not my photo.

birthdays tend to get drawn out around here.
day becomes days. days become week. week becomes weeks.
given enough time i may just be able to get a whole month of celebrating out of my birthday!
{this may have already been accomplished 2 summers ago when ryan made an advent calendar for the entire month of august.}
and so we coined the term birthweek.
and today is the official start to my twenty-ninth.
{that seems less alarming written out.}
the very best part of birthweek is the excitement and anticipation of the fast approaching birthday itself.
and this year is shaping up to be a wonderful birthday indeed.
for the first time in 9 years {some of} my family will be here.
for the first time in at least 20 years i will be having a small but very real {family} party.
and for the first time ever i get to plan it.
29 doesn't look so scary with all of that piled on it! 


  1. yay leah!! i hope you get to enjoy every minute of birth-day AND birth-week. you deserve it! love ya girlie!

  2. Happy birthweek Leah, I hope it is absolutely fabulous! Maybe we'll get a little peek at your family party from our back window, hahaha.


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