book stack

i've always dreamed of having a really expansive library.
with walls lined with bookshelves, and those bookshelves filled with books.
beautiful old books that require a ladder to reach.
but this dream of mine has a stipulation.
(yes, i give myself stipulations even in my dreams.)
the one requirement is that no book enters these expansive library shelves until i have fully & thoroughly read it.
so when i walk into my library it will be personal.
i'll have memories with each & every volume.
and right now we have this particular stack anticipating the day when they can finally join our growing archive.
(a stack, i might add, that accumulated nearly instantaneously on my birthday.)
but for now they sit atop my bookshelf, waiting to be read.
and subsequently added to our shelves.

in the meantime i am quite enjoying the anticipation.
i like looking at them every day and being reminded of all the good reading i have ahead of me.
and i look forward to devouring each & every one!!


  1. FYI, Count of Monte Cristo is in no way related to the movie. Well, maybe the names are the same. Just so you know. :)

  2. those all look like great books!! have fun reading them... i'm jealous of all your new books.
    also, when reading the count of monte cristo, you'll think it is over like a million times, only knowing it's not because of how many more pages are left.

  3. thanks for the heads up guys. :) i'm actually almost done with the count. it's just on a short hiatus due to school reading getting in the way and all.


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