isn't she a beaut?

you can't tell from these pictures but this little thing has a really very sweet silhouette.
and she's been up in my room all painted and ready for a big reveal for ages.
since all the way back here actually.
i love her for both her looks and for her personality. she's very useful!
but i've been putting it off for so long, i almost forgot.
so, i figure if i announce today that the 'after' pictures will be coming tomorrow,
then you all can hold me to it!!
yes, these are the drastic measures us pathological procrastinators have to resort to.
so expect to officially be wooed tomorrow!


  1. leah, i love this! (this is danielle nelson btw) It is functional and beautiful. I like to feature a diy project on my interior design blog for my thrifty tuesday series, would you mind if I featured this project? e-mail me at danielle.oakey@gmail.com if you are interested!

  2. oh danielle for sure! i'll email you...


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