my cup runneth over!

i learned so much from general conference this weekend.
i'm sad to see it come to an end.
but i feel edified, and better prepared to face my own life.
as though i have indeed been girded up.
and i definitely have a greater appreciation for the numerous blessings i receive daily.
it's funny how when we're immersed in our own busyness how very difficult gratitude can be.
at least it's difficult for me.
but when i was reminded to focus on all i have instead of what i don't,
i took the challenge to be more grateful to heart.
and looking around me i see not just a cup but a life that truly runneth over.
more blessings than i can even comprehend or fully appreciate.
but i am trying to. 
trying to appreciate it all. fully.
our home, our garden, our warm bed, and closet full of clothes.
the carpets that soften our floors, the food that fills our bellies.
our families, our friends, our neighbors & ward.
the vehicles we drive and bikes we ride.
our talents and experiences, our trials and obstacles.
all these things that fill our lives making them both rich and meaningful.
these things that so easily get taken for granted, but which so many in the world live without.
most of all for my sweet husband.
i'm in love with him.
he's good and kind and happy and hardworking.
he makes my life better in so many ways.
and he makes me really happy!!
can you tell?


  1. 1 - cute picture. i can't wait to do more this weekend and for you to take some if us ;)

    2 - i LOVED conference, but then again, i always do.

    3 - i love that you guys took a bike ride in between sessions.

    4 - you look especially pretty in the picture in the spuntiony post

    5 - i love the iphone photos from the game

    6 - i'm now looking for an excuse to stamp rocks

    7 - i really can't wait for this weekend!

  2. brooklyn, what a nice comment!!

    1. seriously can't wait for more picture time as well.
    2. me too! it seemed to be the absolute best one ever didn't it?
    3. we love bike riding.
    4. thank you!
    5. thank you again. :)
    6. you're sweet.
    7. and we're super excited to see you guys this weekend!


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