Blog Worthy

There is a lot going on over here.
But most of my bid'ness involves reading, writing, and attending class.
And i love that. (i really really do!)
But it's not really bloggy kind of stuff.
Unless you really want to hear me go on and on about the miracle that is language.
Or how incredibly fascinating and complex I think communicative behaviors really are.
And believe me I have thought about it. Gosh, I've even written about it.
But those posts sit saved, never to be published.
Because I find in everyday conversation people don't really care about the fact that every sentence longer than 20 words is in all likelihood a completely new, never-been-heard, original thought. 
(yes, even that one you just read.)
I can't help but notice that peoples eyes sort of glaze over when you start talking school stuff.
And what I find terribly fascinating and important, most people deem pretty boring.
It's sort of a conversation kill.
And so I try (I promise I try) not to let it be the center of all conversations.
And I especially try not to let it consume this blog.

I like it that way too.
Because even though I spend most of my life at work in our closet,
most of my living is spent at play right outside it.
Real life is those precious few hours I get to spend with my husband, my books, my camera.
Time spent outside or in the kitchen or curled up in my favorite chair.
Time spent with friends and neighbors and family.
Those are the things, the ones I want to remember the very most, that make it on here.
onto my own little digital diary.
It's exactly this kind of self indulgence that makes blogging so very appealing.
I get to determine the contents of my blog.
(and my life luckily enough.)
Blog worthiness is determined by how much I love a thing.

That ranks photography right up there at the top of the list.
which means a whole lot of pictures.
'Cause even though it might sound like work (okay it is work)
my camera is the first thing I grab when I have or just need a break.
It's my latest leisure activity, my hobby.
Even though the word hobby makes me cringe - it's a word a strongly dislike.
I find it annoying.
(speaking of hobbies... isn't it the strangest thing when people ask you what sorts of things you like to do? I can never think of a single thing to say!!)
But I digress. A couple of times actually.

Point is, I've been taking a lot of pictures.
So a lot of those guys will end up right here.
You've been warned.


  1. :O) I'll read anything you put on here Leah! We miss you guys!

  2. ha! thanks kera. do you know we still miss having you butlers over here in your old place? we really do. it still totally feels like your house.


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