November baby shower

Despite all the busyness of end-of-semester finals,
we somehow pulled off a baby shower a couple weeks ago.

These are the invites I designed on the ever high-tech Microsoft word,
and printed on our little ink-jet.

And these are my newest favorite party favors.
Aren't they so sweet?

Don't worry Julie, more details -and more importantly pictures- to come!
Just as soon as these finals are all behind me.


  1. those were party favors!? Oh dang, if I had known I would have definitely taken mine, they were so sweet.

    Thanks for putting on such a great shower. I'm still dreaming about your chocolate banana cupcake/muffins.

  2. oh crystal, i dried some babies breath so the leftovers would last, i should bring you one over toot-sweet!!

    and i'm awfully glad you enjoyed those banana muffin/cupcakes.

  3. YAY! I love baby showers! Can't wait to see more pictures!!!


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