Temple Square Christmas lights

I'm listening to Christmas carols as I type. 
And thanking my lucky stars that I'm typing for pleasure, and not for yet another academic paper.
Finally I'm catching this blog up on all things Christmas related at our house.
Cause heaven knows there is no time for blogging during finals week(s).
but just know, when busy-ness hits, we might sacrifice things like blogging, but never-ever Christmas.
We've enjoyed some of the best this holiday season has to offer.
At the very top of our list was visiting this place:

Can you believe that we have not experienced these lights since we got engaged around this time of year 5 years ago? It's a tragedy, I know!
We made very sure to remedy all that this year.
Nothing inspires in me a sense of Christmas quite like the lights on temple square.

It reminded me how much I miss the days when I lived in downtown SLC,
and had to trek through this wintery wonderland every night while making my way home.
It was basically our backyard, oh how I loved it!
(Not that our current back yard view doesn't have it's own unique perks.)

We lucked out and ended up here on the absolute perfect night.
Completely calm, lovely, and chilly, but not at all cold.
Light jacket weather in fact - Ryan sported only a thick sweater.

These lights look even more impressive after a long absence.
This darling building (above) is where I had my graduation ceremony from LDSBC not so long ago.

We love this place!
We met just down the street, had our second date across the street, and spent a great deal of time driving on this street while we were dating.
It was the location of many lunch dates, evening walks, and the first of many conversations about marriage.
Eventually we got married here, had our reception here, and then moved into our first home just a few blocks away.
It's such a peaceful and beautiful place.
Made more meaningful because of all the memories we share with it.


  1. Stunning! I need to be there to see those lights one of these coming years. Oh, and the MOTab concert as well.

  2. Seriously, I wish we could sign up now for tickets next year!


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