the eldest of the wee woods

I admit that I am completely biased,
(she is my niece after all)
but I think this little girl is hands down the most lovely little thing!

Didn't I tell you?


  1. okay leah.. when are you starting your biz, seriously?!?! those pics are AWESOME. and it helps to have a beautiful little girl too ;)

  2. Fun that your getting into photography! Thanks for the comments!

    I use a Canon. I'm still on my rebel although I would love to upgrade a hundred times to a better body. I'm a natural light photographer. So nothing fancy just good ol sunlight!

    Your niece is lovely!! I love her hair what a gorgeous colour!

    Now I have to go catch up on your blog!


  3. She is beautiful, no? Also, I have not thought seriously about becoming a paid photography, but I would love to be called a photographer {someday} nonetheless. :)

  4. Oh I have to agree! both to your gifts of photography and to the beautiful subject in this post!


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